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a new teen musical

Playwright/Lyricist - Julie Soto
Composer - Will Finan


Pictures by Shira Friedman

Milo Manheim as Milo

absolute perfection in its ability to prove how kindness and cruelty are of the same unfortunate hand

Kristen Morale

BroadwayWorld Review

Will Meyers and Anabella Ronson-Benenati

the rawness of the show's emotional scope and the freshness of its cast make it a standout experience

Hayley Levitt

TheaterMania Review

Cast performing "Fade Away"

a polished, well-rehearsed, well-written musical full of potential that marks
the beginning of a promising writing career for Julie Soto


At age 15 Milo Reynolds had it all: a seat at the popular table, the perfect girlfriend, the “coolest”

parents, and friends who worshiped him. So, when Milo takes his own life on Monday morning,

 his friends and family are left questioning everything they thought they knew about him.
Generation Me explores the heartbreak, confusion, and survivor’s guilt of
the effects of suicide on those left behind. Told in flashbacks that open Milo’s story
to the audience like a mystery, "Generation Me" identifies a generation
more privileged, self-interested, oblivious, and lonelier than ever.

Generation Me appeared in the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2014,

the New York Fringe Festival in 2014, and the New York Musical Festival in 2017,

where it won 8 awards including Best Musical and Outstanding Book for Julie Soto.

photography by Shira Friedman

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